We've had a few questions so here are some answers.

Q - I've clicked on some of your links and I get a message that tells me I don't have priveledges to view the image on this server. What's going on?

A - Some sites allow you to look at an image from your browser but don't allow referrals from other sites. To see the image, copy the URL to the navigation bar on your browser and everything should work.

Q - I see some links followed by (N), what does this mean?

A - Sometimes a great leg shot may be embedded in a page that includes nudity. Sometimes the shot itself includes nudity. We don't guarantee to flag this kind of content every time but we try to give some guidance.

Q - Is this site commercial?

A - No, there is no commercial gain from this site. No advertising, no pop-ups, no tricks. No data is harvested except by Google Analytics. The Analytics data is used to improve the site.